Young Artist Of Anoka


How it Began...Back in the Summer of 2014, Jennifer Shoemaker, a new resident of Anoka proposed a project to the City of Anoka.  As an artist herself and having three of her own student artists, she wanted to see art brought into the community more for others to enjoy the amazing talents.  

In October, Young Artists of Anoka was born.  The pilot project was chosen to be the walking tunnel under Main Street that runs along the Rum River.  The city also approved new LED lighting for the tunnel and the tunnel project will start in Spring 2015.  


Our Vision

Imagine a community filled with inspiring art.  Like a treasure hunt around town, to find the next amazing "treasure".  Bringing art from our young artists in the community out into the public eye is our goal, while teaching them valuable lessons and allowing them to thrive!

Serving the Community
YAA serves Anoka's student artists and supports and encourages them to share their talents with the community.  We provide ways to showcase the wide array of styles and ideas the artists have.  Beautifing Anoka in the process of showing the uniqueness of each student is our goal.

Allowing them be a part of an "Art Community" builds strong ties to this community, which is what makes Anoka so wonderful.  

Projects, coordinated with the City of Anoka, will be introduced on the website and a call for young Anoka Artists will be put out.  These projects will vary in size and availability and we hope to be able to allow artists of many ages participate, depending on the size of the project.  We want to encourage success, therefore, each project will be evaluated for age restrictions.  

This project will also allow artists to build their portfolio and work with Mentor Artists from the community.  Learn how to present themselves and their artwork to obtain jobs in the future is what we are striving for.  Challenges, project planning and completion will be taught and the pride of having your artwork featured in the community is what these young artists will walk away with.

Jennifer Shoemaker
Founder/Artist/Anoka Resident