Young Artist Of Anoka

22 Businesses in the Downtown Anoka area welcomed over 50 Young local artists to paint halloween windows at the beginning of October 2016 to bring in the Halloween Festivities!  
Walk through Downtown and check out all the windows!  

Sponsored by Anoka Chamber of Commerce...THANK YOU!

Who: K-12 Grades & 22 Businesses
Where: Downtown Anoka at various businesses.  Come check them out!

Thanks to all the businesses that helped bring this Anoka Tradition back!


Terry Overracker Plumbing (3 windows)

Ackerman Accupuncture (2 windows)

Minnesota Company (2 windows)

Yours Mine, Ours Antiques (1 window)

Made You Look (3 windows)

Happenstance (2 windows)

Reynolds Music (2 windows)

Salon Eleven (1 window)

Gould's (1 window)

Twisted Scizzors (1 window)

Grassroots Co-op (2 windows)

Pierce Refridgeration (4 windows)

Selah Salon (3 windows)

Sports Shack (2 windows)

Chema Malu (2 windows)

Monica's Closet (2 windows)

Peggy's Porch (1 window)

Design 9 (1 door)

East Main Tire (4 windows)

Anoka Chamber of Commerce (3 windows)

Questions?  Please email me at

Photos from Halloween Window Painting 2016

Halloween Window Painting